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Smart Security: Intelligence Analysis

The only way intelligence is a powerful tool in keeping our nation secure is if it's analyzed and the data is applied correctly. And quickly. This position focuses on the analysis of information on political, economic, social, cultural, physical, geographic, scientific or military conditions, trends and forces in foreign and domestic areas that directly or indirectly affect the national security.

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Ahead of the Hack: Cybersecurity and IT

Many of the most dangerous battles aren’t being fought on the ground but over the internet. And the best way to stay ahead of cyber attackers is to think like them. At TSA, our cyber and IT specialists do just that. These positions manage, supervise, lead, administer, develop, deliver and support information technology (IT) systems and services. Employees must have knowledge of IT principles, concepts and methods such as data storage, software applications, networking and more.

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From Budgeting to Purchasing: Finance, Contracting and Procurement

These positions perform, supervise or manage administrative work for a number of areas including: fiscal, financial management, accounting or budgetary nature; the evaluation of contract price proposals as well as the administration or termination and close out of contracts; the procurement of supplies, services and construction.

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Getting the Word Out: Writing, Editing and Public Affairs

Communications within TSA takes on many different forms. Relaying information and ideas happens through verbal, visual and pictorial means. These positions involve writing and editing reports, regulations, articles, newsletters and other materials. Public affairs includes communicating policy decisions to the public through informational materials on the agency’s policies, focusing on programs services and activities.

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Innovation through Knowledge: Engineering and Science

These positions manage, supervise, lead and/or perform professional engineering and scientific work. They involve designing, developing and adapting mathematical, statistical, econometric and other scientific methods and techniques. The primary requirement of the work is competence in the rigorous methods of scientific inquiry.

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By the Numbers: Math, Statistics and Research

These positions manage, supervise, lead or perform scientific work that involves designing, developing and adapting mathematical methods and techniques to statistical processes or research that relates to the basic theories and science of statistics.

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Checking All the Boxes: Personnel Security

This position is two-fold. It involves developing evaluating and maintaining systems, policies, etc. used for safeguarding information, property and personnel. It also requires the development and implementation of evaluating the character, background and history of employees and candidates who will have access to classified or other sensitive information.

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Experts in Action: Training Instructors

Training is key to keeping employees engaged and on a professional trajectory. These positions primarily involve professional work in the field of education and training when the work is not more appropriately covered by another professional series in this or any other group.

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Naval Aviator, Purple Heart recipient, and TSA Financial Specialist Robert Greenberg reflects on 9/11.

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