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Student Programs

The following programs are designed to offer students educational federal internships where they assist, work with and learn from experienced TSA professionals.


Eligibility requirements vary by program, but candidates must be U.S. citizens, current students in good academic standing and enrolled in one of the following:

  • Accredited high schools, four-year colleges/universities, community colleges or junior colleges
  • Professional, technical, vocational or trade schools
  • Advanced degree programs or other educational institutions that offer qualifying degrees or certificates

Recent Graduate Programs

For college graduates, TSA offers additional programs designed to help participants find career paths best-suited for their education, skillsets and future goals.     


Eligibility requirements and qualifications may vary by position, but candidates must be U.S. citizens and recent graduates who have completed one of the following within the last two years:

  • Associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Professional or doctoral degree
  • Vocational or technical degree
  • Certificate from a qualifying educational institution


Application to the program should be within two years of graduation date. Additional flexibilities provided to preference eligible veterans unable to apply due to military obligation. These veterans have a two-year period of eligibility upon their release or discharge from active duty. In no event, may the eligibility period extend beyond six years from the date when the academic course of study was completed.

Entry-Level Careers


High School Graduates

For students looking to start their career right after high school, TSA has great entry-level opportunities that do not require a college degree. Learn more about the TSO and SSA roles and security career path and look for open positions today.


College Graduates

There are many entry-level positions across different fields and occupations in Mission Support, Security and Law Enforcement. For graduates considering a career in finance, administration, criminal investigation, law, engineering and more, this may be the career path for you.


Hear about Maribel's journey from working as a TSO to a Program Analyst and why she's proud to work for the Federal Government.

The People of TSA

Hear straight from our employees about their roles and responsibilities, memorable experiences and what it’s like to work for TSA.