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What It Means

At TSA, diversity refers to the visible and non-visible attributes that make people unique. Typically, visible attributes can include, but are not limited to race, color, national origin/ethnicity, disability, sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity) and age.

Examples of non-visible attributes include, but are not limited to socioeconomic status, veterans’ status, regional differences, education levels, non-obvious disabilities, religion and differences of thought and life experiences.

Inclusion is defined as a workplace culture that intentionally, deliberately and proactively engages in actions that improve organizational performance by making people feel that they belong and that their uniqueness is valued.  

"How it works"

How It Works

At TSA, our greatest asset is our talented and dedicated employees. Accordingly, TSA’s Human Capital office strategically plans efforts to recruit and maintain our diverse workforce. We consistently partner with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) headquarters, sister components of DHS, other federal government agencies, advocacy groups and educational organizations throughout the nation to maximize diverse applicant pools at all levels.

TSA’s Diversity and Inclusion Division, located in the Civil Rights and Liberties, Ombudsman and Traveler Engagement office, supports agency lines of business that are designed to efficiently attract, hire, retain and advance high-performing employees. Some activities include:  

  • Outreach to diverse venues that reflect the communities we serve 
  • Training, career development, retention and workforce analysis
  • Oversight of the Diversity and Inclusion Change Agents Council
  • Hosting events that build morale and share cultural awareness, such as town halls and webinars
  • Facilitating communication that raises awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion (such as TSA Talks), while demonstrating our commitment to an inclusive workplace where everyone is valued

Inclusion encompasses effective and constructive communication, collaboration, flexibility and fairness so employees can participate and contribute to their fullest potential.

Why It Matters

A diverse and inclusive workplace improves morale and productivity and connects every employee to our mission. It promotes retention of individuals with the skills, knowledge and talent to meet TSA’s current and future needs.


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